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Support for the children of "The Hope of Granada" in Granada, Nicaragua

A project from Nicaragua-Forum Heidelberg e. V.
in Granada, Nicaragua

Lets support a great, independent non-profit organization called "La Esperanza Granada", which helps the poorest children in the city through education, giving them a chance & a future perspective, by funding 10 local volunteers for 1 year.

Lucas Jonathan F.
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About this project

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Depuis les avertissements aux voyageurs, 70 volontaires du monde entier manquent chaque mois pour soutenir le projet.

Les employés et étudiants locaux restants sont débordés. Ils ne peuvent plus s'occuper de manière intensive et en petits groupes des enfants.

Des aides appropriées pour la prise en charge des enfants existent au niveau local, de nombreuses personnes très instruites recherchant actuellement du travail de manière urgente.
"L’espoir de Grenade" a besoin d'un soutien financier pour pouvoir donner aux aides intéressées une reconnaissance sous la forme de paniers de nourriture.

Les aides locales devraient recevoir un panier de provisions d'une valeur de 25.- $/ 22.- € par semaine pour leur travail « bénévole »; mensuel 88.- €.

Avec vous, je voudrais bien collecter 12.000 € pour "la Esperanza Granada" afin que 10 assistantes*s puissent recevoir un soutien approprié pendant une période d'un an.

Tout montant est le bienvenu et aide.
Merci beaucoup!
Hello dear friends, dear supporters,

As some of you may know, I lived in Granada, Nicaragua for a total of 10 months, and I got to know and love the country and its people. 

Unfortunately mid-April 2018 the political situation in Nicaragua changed, which included recurrent protests that continue until today. For this reason many countries have issued travel warnings for Nicaragua. 
Since then, many charitable projects which had been supported by foreign volunteers have come to a standstill. 

With your help, I would like to support a great, independent non-profit organization from Granada driven by local volunteers, that I got to know and whose projects convinced me: "La Esperanza Granada" - "The Hope of Granada".

"The Hope of Granada" was founded in 2002 to give the poorest children in the city an opportunity and a perspective for their future. The organization provides afternoon classes and additional education to more than 2,000 children in 4 learning centers. 

Since the travel warnings, 70 volunteers from around the world have been missing each month to support. The few remaining local employees and students are overwhelmed by the work load. As a drawback they can no longer take care of the children as intensively and in smaller groups, as it used to be. 

Additional potential local helpers would be available, as many highly educated people are currently without work. In order to be able to give such interested volunteers some recognition with a food basket, "The Hope of Granada" needs financial support. 
Local helpers should receive a food basket worth $ 25.- / € 22.- per week.

Therefore together with You, I would like to collect 12.000 € for "La Esperanza Granada". 
This would allow funding 10 local helpers for a period of 1 year. 

Any amount is welcome and helps. 
Many Thanks!