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Alphabet for all - Restart of the basic school in Kati (Ivory Coast)

A project from zur Freude Fatimas - Stiftung Familie Shendi
in KATI (5 km von der Stadt GUIGLO entfernt), Cote D'Ivoire

Kati and their school in Ivory Coast need your help. Toilets must be built, classrooms renovated and a garden established. Please help us to support this school and Kati Village in creating a thriving place of education and community for the future.

A. Shendi
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The Revival of Kati Primary School
Over 200 girls and boys attend Kati Primary School in Ivory Coast. While their days involve reading and writing, the foremost purpose is providing children with the chance to lead happy and healthy lives. The school has been open for approximately the last twenty years (we don’t know exactly how long), although its condition has since deteriorated quite substantially. 

Urgent measures and ongoing support
The current state of the school is partly due to the tropical climate on one hand and the lack of ongoing maintenance on the other. 

From other similar projects we have learnt that simply the physical aspect of building or renovating is not enough. The most important thing is rather the long-term preservation and maintenance of the school and progress made, paired with ongoing community collaboration. 

What is currently lacking
The classrooms are in poor condition, the chalkboards dull, toilets need building and more teaching resources are required. We would like to hire local tradesmen to build toilets and renovate classrooms. We will acquire chalkboards and French teaching materials in Europe and bring them with us to Kati. 

What we want to do in the long term
In the long term we want to promote a strong sense of community and responsibility over the school in Kati. We want to find neighbours that feel responsible for its future and create a community group tasked with the promotion and development of the school. We would visit the school regularly (of our own expense) to check on the progress made and provide additional support. 

Sponsorships for children 
In the future we would like to establish class and student scholarships in order to make it possible for those children especially in need to attend school. Class scholarships would also support the preservation of classrooms and the school in the long run.  

How do we fit in?
Joel Ouloupohi, originally from the Ivory Coast, came to us some time ago with the idea. We first started to sponsor orphaned children. Josephine, a retired teacher, took on the role of welcoming the children, giving them the chance to attend school and taking care of the girls and boys. 

In the meantime, we have arranged four sponsorships and visited Kati school several times to see how the children live and learn. 

Now, we would like to take the next step, can we count on your support?