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Children from the Amazon – the future of the Amazonian rainforest

São João de Tupé, Brazil

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Children from the Amazon – the future of the Amazonian rainforest

São João de Tupé, Brazil

"Education & Sports for Jungle Kids" means: Conservation of the rainforest and Preservation of indigenous culture. Let's take care of children, of a future generation, of the rainforest and finally let's take care of all of us.

M. Schleusener from MyTheo e.V. | 
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About this project

Request for donation to keep the below-mentioned project alive

A group of young children from the Amazon rainforest is looking for friends all over the world who are willing to push their project “Education & Sport for Jungle Kids.

Conservation & Preservation

The conservation of the rainforest and the preservation of indigenous culture depends on these generation, who lives now therein. They are the future guardians of the rainforest. They need a future themselves. Let's help them to be educated in environment, culture, sports and other projects.

It has begun

As you can see in our video, we started the project with success, with fun and happiness. Up to now, the first offered Capoeira training is a full success. In the last 8 years, we have never seen the kids laughing and playing together in such a way. 

That has to be continued.

Please help...

...our children to continue this good vibe. It is a chance to show that on the other side of the world there is someone who cares. Cares of children, cares of a future generation, cares of the rainforest and finally cares of all of us.

Any donation will be much appreciated.

The project is connected with MyTheo e.V. in Berlin/Germany, who receives the donations and transfers them directly into the Amazon. 


Updated at 18. March 2020