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Support HERMINE - first aid for people in need

A project from HERMINE e.V.
in Würzburg, Germany

We have set ourselves the goal of counteracting the supply bottlenecks in European refugee aid. To this end, we have rented a warehouse in Würzburg, which enables us to send aid on its way within the shortest possible time.

Antonia V.
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About this project

HERMINE was founded as a project of Mobile Flüchtlingshilfe (MFH), an initiative set up in October 2015 in the wake of the refugee movement. In the meantime, Mobile Flüchtlingshilfe e.V. and Projekt HERMINE have become HERMINE e.V. together. 

The main goal of the non-profit association is to help people in need and especially to support refugees in various European countries.
In the past, the preparation of an aid mission usually took two to three weeks, as they often had to be set up from scratch. In order to be able to react faster and more demand-oriented to acute emergency situations, but also to enable regular aid deliveries, the HERMINE project was created. The heart of the project is a warehouse (since December 2018), which makes it possible to achieve these goals. 

The warehouse ...

... is our guarantee for effective and, above all, fast help. It allows us to accept your donations in kind, sort them according to need and store them. On the one hand, this enables us to regularly send pallets of aid to refugee camps all over Europe and, on the other hand, to react quickly to acute emergency situations. In spring 2021, we moved into a new warehouse. We received a one-time grant of € 10,000 from the city of Würzburg for the rent of the new hall amounting to € 1,350. 

The external warehouse ...

... in addition to our new warehouse, we are currently looking for an external warehouse in order to have sufficient storage capacity for the donations in kind. We will incur additional rental costs for this. Would you like to help finance our warehouse and our external storage facility in the long term? Become a sponsor!

The aid supplies ...
... through our contacts with various organisations on the ground and our careful sorting work, we are able to send our donations in kind as efficiently as possible and in line with our needs. In 2020, we were able to send 17 relief deliveries in the form of 2,177 boxes with over 20 tonnes of clothing and hygiene items to various refugee camps. 

We want to ...

  provide adequate and needs-oriented aid
  counteract supply bottlenecks in European refugee aid
  to improve the networking of European refugee aid
  to provide aid organisations with continuous support
  work sustainably
  Provide support from person to person! 

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