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Donation for an innovative, versatile reusable system for packaging and cup

A project from GFT-Erasmus e.V.
in Göttingen, Germany

Our deposit cups and lids are suitable for machines. FairCup now wants to extend the availability of a vending machine return to the city centre and to set up car lonely at heavily frequented locations...

S. Meyer
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About this project

We have developed an individualized Reusable Cup series with reusable lids for drinking and closing the cup, which is now being manually issued and readopted in many cities and regions. The special thing about this retractable cup is that our product is so individualized that it can be returned in the deposit bottle vending machine together with other empties when shopping. Here we are the first in Germany who have this and are now already testing. On the other, it is possible to track the cups by app. We offer a quick registration app through which we know when and where how many cups are. This facilitates the deposit clearing and redistribution of the cups. Another special feature is that the lid of our cup is extremely tight and prevents the leakage of the contents. This is achieved by the shape of the cup. The same applies to the lid, which is tight and stable on the cup, so that meat salad or fresh cheese, yogurt or milk can be packaged. 
The reusable Cup is versatile, for example, as: 
• Coffee-to-go sizes 0.2 litres, 0.3 litres, 0.4 liters and 0.5 litres 
• Ice cups-to-go for one to three scoops of icecream 
• Beverage cups-to-go for smoothies, shakes, beer or other Softgeträ Nke but also cocktails 
• Packaging in the supermarket at the fresh bar of cheese, fruit, vegetables and meat. Products can be packaged between 100 ml to 400 ml 

This shows that this reusable deposit system is the optimal solution for many disposable packaging, which are only used once and then land in the tonne. 
The cup is completely recyclable, as we do not print the cup and do not use any harmful additives otherwise. Our cup and lid consist of only one polymer (PP), which becomes granulated once the service life has been reached (approx. 500 use or rinsing cycles). The valuable material is not lost and remains in the recycling cycle, so that this product is not only ecological, but also economically a real highlight. 

Now we would like to use your support to set up additional vending machines outside supermarkets in the residents office, in parking garages or simply at nodal points. Supported our idea with your donation to avoid rubbish in the city and make the out-of-house sale everyday for the environment and climate protection.