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Lets talk about fascia - is searching support for "fascinating" movies

A project from Rolfing® Verband Deutschland e. V.
in Berlin, Germany

We want to produce a series of film portraits, from the viewpoint of different personalities to • present the fascinating world of fascia research, • inspire a better body awareness • support growth and health.

Birgit F.
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About this project

We want to produce a series of film portraits about various fascinating personalities who devote countless years of life to exploring. From basic research to the long unnoticed fascia to the importance of constant gravity on humans. Science is increasingly recognizing the importance of self-perception and ' body hygiene '. Because when fascia gets "matted", this usually also means pain.
Our goal is to bring light into this ' fascinating ' world and to gather the insights of science into personal portraits. We want to produce films that help the spectator to get a healthy body consciousness, because the steps become clear. We want more people to feel comfortable in their bodies.
Our first portrait will be about Hubert Godard to understand the importance of a healthy fascia system. In particular: In child development - in the therapeutic context - insights into cancer and brain research.