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Gardening Project Zwergerl e.V. Munich Ramersdorf

A project from Elterninitative Zwergerl e.V.
in München, Germany

Gardening Project Zwergerl e.V. Munich Ramersdorf The centre of our playing and learning environment, the garden, needs your support! Every donation, no matter how big or small helps us to get closer to our goal. Many thanks for everything!

Caro S.
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About this project

Zwergerl, in Ramersdorf, Munich has existed as a parent lead initiative for 25 years. 30 children aged between 18 months and 6 years old are cared for in beautiful facilities with access to a huge garden from first thing in the morning until the late afternoon.
With these wonderful facilities comes also the challenge of maintaining them, especially the garden. There are always jobs such as (re)planting, repairing and creating new spaces to enjoy.
The garden is the heart of the kindergarten. There the children learn, play, and are actively involved in its maintenance.
We currently have big plans which can only be achieved through generous donations, for example we´d love a tree house, a new shed, and some new gardening tools.
The Team here, and of course the Zwergerl kids, really look forward to your support and donations.

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