Closed Cycle For Education Campaign

An aid project by “Iduka” (M. Martim) in Port Saint Lucie, USA

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M. Martim (Project Manager)

M. Martim
Jolandie Rust announced her African circumnavigation solo bike ride to benefit Iduka and its campaign to promote and fund girls' education in Africa.

Our mission is to raise funds and awareness to support post-secondary education in Africa.

Our goals are:

1. deliver an open letter to African leaders asking them to promote and protect higher education in Africa.
2. raise funds and award scholarships to local students.
3. mobilize volunteers in every country.

Jolandie's dream is to be the first women to solo circumnavigate the world's second largest continent on a bicycle. "I want to inspire people to follow their dreams and encourage girls to dream with their hearts," Jolandie said. "Partnering with Iduka on this 2 1/2 year, 40,000 kilometers journey, will allow me to emphasize to the girls I'll meet along the way that their dream of a better future for themselves and for Africa starts with education."

How You Can Help:
Please join forces with Jolandie and Iduka by DONATING and SPREADING THE WORD.

More information:

Location: Port Saint Lucie, USA

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  • Jolandie and friends at her bike tour launch in Cape Town, South Africa, April 27, 2011.

    Uploaded at 04-06-2011

  • Jolandie Rust playing her Djembe drums donated by Drum Zone.

    Uploaded at 04-06-2011