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The Wave Project (Indonesia)

A project from The Wave Project
in BALI, Indonesia

Currently we support projects in the east of Bali (Indonesia). Schools were set up to promote children in villages that were recently discovered and completely cut off from the outside world.

A. Akhter
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About this project

The Wave Project is a charity that was created during a trip around the world. The symbol of the wave stands for cohesion, because only together and through social engagement can something be moved.

There are many places that are affected by poverty.
We particularly support children who have no access to education.

We make ourselves a picture on site and work in cooperation with local and local aid organizations. Our team regularly documents our projects. This gives you an insight into where the money is going.

This project is carried out in Indonesia, with two local schools being supported.

As soon as you think of Bali, you think of a great vacation. But unfortunately it is not a paradise for everyone. There is great poverty in many parts of Bali. Especially in the Ban village, in the east of the country.
Schools were set up here to support the children. The villages were only recently discovered and were completely cut off from the outside world. Unfortunately, these schools receive very little government funding, so they need help.
We support two schools (Pengalusan and Jatituhu) to offer the next generation a better future.