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The Imagine Fellowship | Support young talents on their journey to Europe

A project from Imagine Foundation e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

We give young, qualified people in Afghanistan, Egypt & Pakistan a new perspective: life & work in Germany Our volunteer mentors & digital training now give everyone the same shot at a job & life in Germany. No matter where they come from.

Dr. Johann Daniel H.
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About this project

The world is unfair
Most of us had the great fortune of being born in a stable democracy. Yet we all know: Many other people on this planet didn't have this luck. As a result, millions of people do not enjoy the same opportunities to learn, to grow and to explore - for example a life outside of their home countries.

We want to change that
How? We help university graduates to migrate. Safe and legally. Not all young, highly motivated folks living outside Europe will be able to come to Germany. Not everyone will want to. But we can give a helpful nudge to some of them.

Germany needs young, motivated people
Our country needs young, qualified people who can help build our society. However, it is not easy to get here. This is why in 2017 less than 10.000 people came here on qualified employment visa. We want to change that. 
We build a safe, legal bridge. For those who are ready.
We support young people to get a job offer from Germany in their home country. With the right job in their pocket, they can enter legally and safely.

However, this is not so easy, because practically nobody knows how to successfully apply to a German company. Or did you really know how to when you were applying for your first job? This is where we come in.

How do we do this?
We have put together a digital 'boot camp' for young engineers and IT specialists in Afghanistan, Egypt and Pakistan. This program is completely digital and takes place via personal video conversations. It is complemented by online tests and learning content targeted at improving people's CV, online presence and capabilities. We help people applying more successfully.

What did we achieve so far?
We have more than 250 students in our program, have 22 graduates (we call them Imagine Fellows), and have already facilitated 5 job offers. We have done all this in just under 15 weeks of work. With your donations we want to scale these numbers in 2019 by 20x. Not kidding.

"Do you worry about the Brain drain?"
No, we don't. Brain drain is real in medical occupations, not in engineering. What many don't know yet: Countries like Egypt had an 'education revolution'. Up to 40% of a cohort of young people in Egypt study today. That's as many as ~1995 in Germany. Yet unemployment among university graduates is as high as ~30%. 
Egypt is rich in terms of education, but poor in terms of jobs.

"Who else is doing this?"
Actually, nobody. Really. We were as surprised as you when we figured this out. That's why we do it. We're creating new safe and legal pathways. Join us.