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Closed Our best one needs help

Tanna, Germany

Closed Our best one needs help

Tanna, Germany

We collect for our club member, Patrick Daßler. He has lost his right leg in a serious motorcycle accident and is fighting back into his normal life. He needs our help for that.

M. Bachmann from Diakonie- Förderverein-Christopherus | 
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About this project

Our still active member, Patrick Daßler, needs our help and support.

Patrick is a lovable, funny and always helpful person. Equal who, equal where, equal when, he helps where ever it is possible. As treasurer of our motocross association, he already had a huge task, but it was never enough for him.
He takes care of the race track, coordinates the mowing works and manages all the events of the club.

At his job, as a car mechanic, he always finds a selution for every kind of problem, which is saving a lot of money for the people.
It goes also without saying for him, to help his friends with every technical problem around their cars.

To say it the most apt way, he is one of the best people we have ever known.

At the 4th August 2018 he had an hard accident with his motorcycle. He collided with a tree and lost his right leg. The impact was so hard, that they couldn't save his leg in the later process. He had to be placed in to an artifical coma state and it followed a difficult way full of operations and pain. 

Patrick is only thirty-two years old. The accident was changing his life strongly. But it was not enough to break him. He is still an unbelievable cheerful person who is never giving up. When we visited him in the hospital, he still does jokes, made us smile, asked about various open tasks of our association and spoke about the plans he has for the future. 
So how good is this. This man lays in his sickbed, with a lot of pain and problems, but still finds the power to encourage other people. 
So we find, it is time, to give him something back. 
We collect for:
His shower and his toilett have to be adjusted.
He needs an adjusted car and a roadworthyness test.
Kosts of medical care:
Phantom pain is something, nobody who is not dealing with could imagine. Unfotunately this is everyday life for Patrick. So he needs medicine and therapie, which is not cheap.
Continuation of the wage payment:
The support by the health insurance is limited and not enough to solve all the listed problems.
This is logically the most important point in our summary. Patrick needs a new artifical leg, to live a rudimentery normal everyday life.
We thank everybody, who support our friend in this dark times.
Patrick had and has to get through so much bad. We think he really diserves people who help him in his misery. Every contribution means a lot. We thank you more than words could express for your love and support.
Updated at 01. October 2019