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Building of a cafeteria & playground at a hospital & school in Sierra Leone

A project from Rotaract Esslingen hilft e.V.
in Magbenteh Community, Sierra Leone

Your donation will help us build a cafeteria in the Bombali district of Sierra Leone. This cafeteria will provide food to patients and employees of a 100-bed hospital. We will also build a playground at a nearby school.

Thomas B.
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About this project

 What are we doing?
Our project consists of two subprojects in order to be able to use our time in the area efficiently and to generate added value in two different aspects of local life. Part of the project involves the construction of a cafeteria at a hospital. The hospital has 100 beds and currently has no provisions to provide food for patients, relatives, or medical staff. The construction of the cafeteria allows the purchase of food right next to the hospital, supporting the hospital operation for all involved. The second part of the project consists in the construction of a playground at a nearby school with 250 students. In addition to the planning and construction of the playground, we will also organize a “game day” to introduce the different sports to the kids. To ensure the sustainability of the project, we are integrating teachers, families and also the children.
Where is the project taking place?
The project will be conducted at Magbenteh Community Boarding School and Magbenteh Community Hospital in the interior of Sierra Leone in the Bombali district. Sierra Leone is a country in West Africa that has been set back by a long civil war and the Ebola crisis. In addition to food and water, basic medical care, and a basic infrastructure, we believe that good education in particular will lead to a sustainable improvement in the area.
Who is doing this project?
In total, 9 people from the Esslingen Rotaract Club will travel to Sierra Leone for 11 days at the end of November to complete the project. To ensure the benefits and success of the project, we are working together with two other social organizations. One of these organizations works together with several people on-site in Sierra Leone and supports construction there in the long term.