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An aid project by “Philipps Rugby Club de Vogan” (Philipp A.) in Vogan, Togo

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Philipp A. (Project Manager)

Philipp A.
Sport is a universal language. It teaches team spirit, confidence, discipline and strenght und offers young people a goal worth achieving.

During my development traineeship in Togo from March to May 2010 I - as player for the rugby team in Karlsruhe and spokesperson of the university rugby sport -took my shoes, a rugby ball and a pump with me since I wanted to stay in shape. The traineeship brought me to Vogan, a little town in the southeast of Togo

During my personal training on a little pitch in Vogan, some youths and a teacher and pastor of the Vogan community took notice of the strange white man with the oval ball. There's not much to do in Togo for young and motivate poeple with a lot of energy. They proposed to go on the school's field in order to do regular trainings.

It so happened that I got involved in regular rugby training twice a day, teaching the students how to play and the pastor how to coach. Ten participants quickly became forty, plus the same amount of audience.

Before leaving the country, the PRC (Philipps Rugby Club) Vogan was founded in May 2010. At the beginning, the team had only one ball and one pump - the stuff I had left them. Most of the players didn't even have shoes.

With the help of my teammates in Karlsruhe I sent a packet to Vogan in December 2010 including two French rugby books, seven rugby balls and 20 mouthgards for the team in Togo. Before the first season we were able to equip the team with jerseys and shoes due to further generous donators. This allowed the PRC to participate in the Togolese Rugby Championship in 2011 as well as their fourth season in 2014.

The team ist officially registered for the championships and thus receives a total of 300.000 CFA (ca. 450€) by the togolese rugby federation for transportation to the matches (

My person of trust is Monsieur BIOSSE, an honest man with a lot of courage for the good thing who has its own organization for the fight against illiteracy called CJVDI (see my other projects).
Furthermore, I am in contact with the coach, Monsieur TOSSOU as well as with the captain of the team, Ablam AYI via Mail and Skype. The three of them put me up to date regularly about the latest deveopments and send me scanned pictures and letters (see fotos).

Unfortunately, the jerseys and shoes are torn. Furthermore, the passion for rugby has spread within the region Vo and formed a second team B. This is why I am asking you to continue your financial or material support for the team!

If someone has an old set of jerseys, shoes or equipment whatsoever, please let me know.

(my adress:
Philipp Arlt
Henriettenstr. 28
20259 Hamburg)

The passion of the team and the city Vogan becomes evident when you read the letters which captain Ablam AYI sent me.

Thanks you for your help!

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Location: Vogan, Togo

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