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Creating Perspectives in Kenya with Ann´s Juice Bar

Ann, Jacky and George want to create their own perspective in Kenya by starting up a juice bar to create also new jobs and to offer healthy food. With your support this story of success can be written.

A. Hellmann from Growing Seeds of AfricaWrite a message

Our organisation has the goal to create perspectives through training and support of concrete projects in Kenya.

Challenges in Kenya are still poverty and unemployment especially for the young Kenyans. Especially orphan´s have a hard live since they are released from the orphanages and have to live for their own. Without family, a job and any income it is hard to imagine how that can work. Especially young women can be tricked easily.

Ann, her single parent sister and her brother George who has autism are orphans and plan to create their own perspective by starting a juice bar. We know Ann for long as she works for charity as the secretary for our partnerorganisation in Kenya as well as a lecturer for our training-programs.

Now, Ann can present the project on her own.

Ann´s Juice Bar
This Business  idea was developed by two Kenyan sisters Ann 26 ,and Jacky 24 years. Having been brought up in an orphanage, we are determined to make something  out of our lives together. We are three in our family, with our young brother George who was born with autism. Anne has studied up to University to become a teacher while Jacky studied social work. 

We aim to sell high quality fresh fruit juices, tea and soup. 

This idea was brought about by lack of quality, fresh fruit products around Kitale, Kenya. There is also lack of exposure to a wide variety of tasty, healthy and affordable fruits. With the hot Kenyan climate, which happens in most part of the  year, cold fresh juice definitely comes in handy. To a good number of people it's always a challenge to find affordable and quality alternatives to “sugary and artificial drinks” which are currently  available in the market. Since most people are becoming cautious of their health, fresh fruit juices are the way to go!

Our strategy
We are offering fruit juices. In cold seasons we look forward to provide alternatives like hot soup, herbal tea and hot juices. This has been tested and it worked already. 

We aim to source most of our fresh fruits and all other raw materials for this, from within town. This, we have tried before and all commodities are easily available at affordable prices. 

The initial investment is € 1000 inclusive of rent plus all juicing equipment, furniture,working tables and stock which is not affordable for us. 

It’s important to state that this money will be put to good use considering we have been in business together before and now this is an opportunity for us to thrive into business. 

Your support to this business will be really appreciated as it will transform lives of all members of this family, and in the community at large through job creation.  
We plan to pay back this support to the organisation that others can be supported in future.
Much blessings and love to you as you touch the world in your own small way.
Thank you!