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Fence for GEH-orphanage - protect children from violence

Bamenda, Cameroon

On the compound of the GEH-orphanage, violent conflicts between the army and separatists are taking place. The compound needs to be fenced in to protect the children!

Rebekka D. from Förderverein GEH e.V.
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It is 2 years now that there is war in the anglophone regions of Cameroon.

Separatists fight the armee, tenthousands have taken flight to Nigeria and some 100.000 people are displaced within their own country. Civilians are murdered, arbitrary imprisonments take place and even the killing of women and children is being reported.

The orphanage GEH is situated near Bamenda, the capital of the anglophone region north-west. Unfortunately, the armee has now settled in the quarter and the separatists have taken refuge in the forests surrounding the orphanage. 

The spacious compound of the orphanage is not fenced in and soldiers and separatists are now fighting each other inside the GEH compound. Especially during the nights, gunshots can be heard in the childrens place. Therefore, all of the children are now sleeping on the floor in the living room, for security reasons. 

The dogs can not secure the compound at night as they are being killed when seen outside their kennel. All the childrens belongings have to be stored inside at night to protect them from thiefs.
The children are traumatised and scared!

Moreover, neighbours grab the land of the orphanage and start building houses on it and they take water from the childrens well (the orphanage owns one of two wells in the quarter). 
Just have a look at the situation at the ground plot in the pictures gallery or here: pictures

Therefore, the compound needs to be fenced in to secure the childrens home. 750m of fence are needed. 

  • Part A at the side to the road "only" needs some gates to connect the already existing parts of the fence. "
  • Part B will follow after, as separatists are entering the compound from that side. 
  • Part D will close the other main entrance.
  • Part C is mainly made up of high rocks and forest, a challenge for the builders.

As we are, at the same time, financing a teacher for home classes for the children, so that they can still have education at the moment, we need urgent help to protect the children from the violence in their home. 

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