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Help us keep the Kiez Mobil rolling!

A project from Berlin Glas e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

We love giving our glass fusing workshops to kids all over Berlin and securing funding means that we can reach those who wouldn't usually be able to participate.

N. Idriss
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About this project

Hi everyone, we are Berlin Glas, Berlin's very first art glass studio! We work in all techniques: glassblowing, fusing, casting, and cold work. Our mission is to create a platform for the community, for students, adults, and professional artists: to offer a place to learn, collaborate, and to use this fascinating material to create a culture of peace. 

We opened our studio in 2011 with a small hot shop (glass blowing), and as we started to grow - and with generous donations - we expanded our studio space to include other techniques.

In 2015, we decided to broaden our youth program and started offering fusing workshops for younger children, in particular, the New Berliner (refugee) community. This ancient technique involves decorating a glass plate with layers of coloured glass that are then fired over-night at 780°C and turn into a colourful artwork. It is safe for kids as young as 5 and limitless in its ability to inspire creativity! 

We did not want to limit our outreach to our local neighbourhood, and offered the workshop to public schools, youth organizations, and refugee homes that were clear across Berlin; however, accessibility was sometimes a problem. 

One day in January 2017, we got a call from a refugee home in Bernau, a suburb of Berlin, asking whether we could bring the materials to their facility. Sure, we thought, why not? So we found an old suitcase, filled it with what we needed, and off we went. The workshop was so successful, we decided to build a cart, which we have lovingly named the Kiez Mobil!

The Kiez Mobil has been underway since October 2017, and our goal is to be able to offer 2 workshops a month. We need your help to keep it rolling! 

We need to keep our supply of clear and coloured glass stocked, new cutters and tubs for storing glass, the energy costs for the kiln, subway and bus tickets for the instructors, and the instructor's fee. Your donation will ensure that we will be able to keep the project alive and flourishing. These workshops give children a unique opportunity to work with glass, and we thank you for considering us!