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Support our artists with and without disabilities from all over Europe

A project from Sommertheater Pusteblume e.V.
in Köln , Germany

Support our research process which is taking place over a number of years. During this process, we want to find new creative approaches that will enable us to create an artistic product as an equal experience for all.

Lisette R.
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About this project

The interdisciplinary, mixed-abled performing arts company Un-Label stands for artistic innovation and diversity. It brings together artists from all over Europe. Our performances featuring emerging artists with and without disabilities set new standards.
Un-Label aims to find new creative ways to allow all human beings to have an equal experience of an artistic product. One question is vital in this: How can we use auxiliary means to become part of the performance, to become art themselves and to enrich the work of art through their own aesthetic possibilities? We feel accessibility gives innovative momentum to the artistic process. We believe we will find ways to make music accessible to deaf people, convey language used on stage to people with cognitive impairment or translate the artistic quality of a monologue by visualising its content. 

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