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Creating A World Free From Sexual Exploitation

A project from Alabaster Jar e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

As a non-profit organization, Alabaster Jar relies on your financial support! Help us empower individuals working in the sex industry to claim a life of purpose and freedom.

Lynne A.
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About this project

Our VISION is a world free from sexual exploitation - where people are no longer bought and sold as products; where victims of sexual exploitation find true healing and restoration; and where all people actively seek to protect and care for our society's most vulnerable. 
Our MISSION is to see life transformation in individuals working in Berlin’s sex industry by communicating the love of Christ We acknowledge and care for each individual’s holistic needs: from care and community, to physical health and security, to personal growth and empowerment. 

We currently have 3 active outreaches (Street, Café and Brothel) reaching out to prostituted and trafficked women in Berlin. From food for the café, sweets in our outreach baskets and holiday gifts for the women, to administrative costs such as salaries and rent, your donations enable Alabaster Jar to achieve their Mission! Your support helps cover the costs required to run all our outreaches and reach Berlin's most vulnerable. With your help, we can run these with excellence and sustainability!