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financial support for emergency equipment, maintenance / upkeep

Wuppertal, Germany

own club and training rooms, permanent maintenance costs for the vehicle fleet and emergency equipment, running costs, etc. - Thank you for your support!

A. Göller from MARER 112 e. V., Notfallrettung und Unfallhilfe
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We have been running the non-profit association on a purely honorary basis for 20 years.

Countless trainers and trainers were able to receive training in advanced first aid and emergency measures.

Numerous training courses and MegaCode training courses for rescue services and emergency doctors have also been successfully completed.

Many large events could be professionally looked after and secured with medical, rescue and emergency medical services.

The investments and maintenance in emergency and equipment equipment alone devour huge sums of money and are secured through donations solely on the basis of private initiative.

We look forward to financial support for our association activities with the planning of our own premises to secure and continue our association's purpose.

Thank you very much!

 Purpose of the association
 | (1) | The purpose of the association is the voluntary implementation of medical, rescue and emergency medical services as well as 1. Help training / courses e.g. B. general for children, adolescents and adults, especially by instructors in sports, further training, fort and u. Further training of the members with regard to 1. Help and emergency care in the event of accidents at major (sports) events. The close and supportive cooperation with the Sport- und Spielgemeinschaft Ronsdorf e. V., the Wuppertaler Turnverband e. V. and its affiliated sports clubs as well as the city of Wuppertal, including Stadtbetrieb Sport & Bäder. Furthermore, supporting activities and cooperation at the request of aid organizations, rescue services and fire brigade in general and in the event of a disaster. Furthermore, the aim is to motivate people to provide assistance and to receive further training in this regard. Furthermore, in cooperation with z. B. the above facilities also provide medical services and training in water u. Alpine rescue can be carried out. The necessary prerequisites for lifeguards and alpine rescue are taught and conveyed in separate training measures or courses.
(2) | Furthermore, with the close connection to and specialization especially in sporting fields of activity, the purpose of the association is to promote sport. This serves with regard to the physical fitness of the club members, which is a basic requirement to be able to provide medical or rescue services.

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