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SSG replacement sports facility

A project from Sport- und Spielgemeinschaft Ronsdorf e. V. (SSG)
in Wuppertal, Germany

With a total of around 30 years of club activity, we want to create a new replacement building as a meeting place for regular meetings, the opportunity to do sports and maintain health and to promote social interaction.

A. Göller
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About this project

In the year of the now almost 30 years of non-profit and purely voluntary association activity, we want to create a personal meeting place for regular meetings, the opportunity to do sports and maintain health and to promote social interaction.
A club-owned meeting point, which can support our club purposes as much as possible and helps to secure them.

With a total of over 500 members for more than 27 years, the Sport- und Spielgemeinschaft (SSG) Ronsdorf e. V. founded on August 8th, 1993.

Since then, the young, dynamic sports club has really blossomed despite some initial difficulties. At the beginning there were already one or the other larger stone that was put in the way or terms such as wallflowers that made the unsporting round. But it is well known that the dead live longer ...

The main aspect was and is the attractive work with children and young people in the field of sports under the motto: Children and young people from the street, meaningful leisure activities! Sports offers every day of the week, a diving department and a club's own licensed ski school, for example, were part of the sporty all-round program.

Increasing membership numbers signaled encouragement. Many children and youth camps with a main focus in addition to sport and social interaction rounded off the club's program and were well received. Ski and snowboard camps that were permanently more than fully booked, tent camps with water sports and the annual Whitsun camp with more than 100 participants in the Sauerland were just a few of the attractions. The SSG was the first club to introduce inline skating into regular sports as early as 1995 and made it suitable for indoor use.

The club was recognized by the state sports association as a child and youth-friendly family sports club. It was one of the first sports clubs to receive the LSB's Sport pro Health certificate.

Active in customs 16 years ago, a club-owned SSG Sankt Martinszug was established for the first time, which is very well received with around 600-700 annual participants and which pulls through the scenic reservoir area to the Pöttgeshof every year; unfortunately had to be canceled for the first time in 2020 due to the corona pandemic.

Finally, thanks go to all purely voluntary activists who have supported the association from the beginning. Many thanks to the founding members, the numerous instructors and trainers as well as helpers who are and have been working tirelessly.

We are happy to refer to the donation stone campaign that we have started with a view to realizing our goals of the SSG replacement building in the short term.

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