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Competence instead of Dementia - KsD

A project from Deutsche Stiftung für Gesundheitsinformation
in Neuss, Germany

How can dementia patients be prevented and which lifestyle-oriented forms of treatment are available? How do I gain competence on these topics? These are the questions that the information platform "Competence instead of Dementia" wants to answer.

A. Jordan
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About this project

The relevance of dementia becomes clear in these figures: 1.5-2.0 million people affected in Germany, 10 million in Europe and 35.5 million worldwide in 2016 Forecast to 2050: 115 million worldwide.

How can dementia diseases be prevented and - since lifestyle undoubtedly plays a role - what lifestyle-oriented forms of treatment are there? How and where do I gain competence in these areas?

This is exactly where the concept of "Competence instead of Dementia (KsD for short)" comes in. We are setting up an Internet platform that answers these questions and prepares them for the various interest groups:

  • Individuals / health-oriented people / relatives and friends of people with dementia 
  • Therapists / Doctors / Alternative Practitioners 
  • nursing staff
  • Senior citizens' and nursing homes
  •  Associations and federations in the preventive environment 
Today we know that dementia is a generalised metabolic disease of the body, which also affects the brain and is therefore reversible - at least as long as no advanced damage to certain nerve cells of the brain has occurred.

Consequently, an effective therapeutic approach must focus on this metabolic disorder and be multifactorial, since the triggers are also multifactorial. Such a concept is the basis for the work of an effective alliance against dementia, which has come together under the umbrella of "Competence instead of Dementia". But this alone is not enough, because the knowledge of this connections or relationships does not mean that there is also a practicable solution for the implementation. 

Here, the project aims to provide experts, solutions and tools that make comprehensive assistance and active support available to those at risk, those affected and carers.