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Support „Walk for the Planet 2019“. By foot for a better world

Freiburg, Germany

In early summer 2019 a hand of people will gather together for a march lasting about four months. Their goal will be to call people’s attention to Global Warming and give impulses and ideas of living a sustainable life.

M. Keller from COREOPERATION e.V.
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In early summer 2019 we want to visit several countries with young and youthful beloved humans during a march of multiple weeks. It is our goal to get people’s attention regarding climate change and give impulses of how to live a sustainable life. Our slogan “Walk for the Planet” supports our wish to take initiative and to stop watching our world being destroyed. 

All in all our program consists of visiting several cities and communities starting in Freiburg. Also we are even considering detours to France, Spain or Portugal. 

We are intending to carry our message teaching the protection of the environment, global food behavior and global mobility within a variety of places during our trip. Next to our speech about climate protection we will present the movie “Agrokalypse – Der Tag an dem das Gensoja kam“ (meaning “Agrocalypse – The day the GMO’s arrived“) and a following interview with the producer taking part in establishing this initiative. We will take this road by foot to set a symbol for our movement. Consequently it enables people to join the “Walk for the Planet” independently. 
As a support we are planning on building an ecological vehicle accompanying our team and generated by solar energy and transporting bulky goods. During our events we are going to transform it to a possible stage for presentations, concerts, open air cinema and rolling disco. It is supposed to attract other human’s attention and inspire them to ways avoiding carbon dioxide pollution. 
Manual and technical skills and know-how is of big importance during building the vehicle. Expensive material is inevitable: up to 3 trailers, solar modules and accumulators. In the end specialists will support us finishing up the vehicle in spring. 
During the march in 2019 several expenses will occur and especially the organization team must be present during events and multiple actions. Organizing the budget covering the costs for the trip and everlasting expenses at home is stressful and hardly possible. That’s why we depend on financial support. If the resources will be enough, we would like for our “long-term walkers“ to receive recompense for acting as educational instructors. About 30 percent of all donations will be separated and collected for that. 
If, for any reason, we won’t succeed implementing our project, we would re-donate the money to the following: 

-        Reforestation in Brazil 
-        Continuation of the movie-tour “Agrocalypse“, as well as education 

Please support us! Together we can accomplish something very unique for our planet.

Your team from Planet Earth Movement. 

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