The Children's Oasis, a gentle space for children in need

An aid project by “The Griffin Charitable Trust” (M. Morgan) in St Catherine, Jamaica

News: On this page the carrier keeps you informed about the current situation of the project. This helps you judge how the donations are being used.

M. Morgan (Project Manager), written 19 days ago

M. Morgan

How Amazing..... Fencing gifted

How Amazing..... Fencing gifted, a local company is giving us the full 500ft run of 6ft high chain link fencing and to let us have the posts at a 50% discount !!!!!!!

This is huge for us and means we can start work on preparing to fence the property and keep the children safe.

Added to this a local hardware store has donated 3 of the required smoke alarms....

We can honestly say we are truly Blessed......

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We still need to get the posts, cement and the bathroom needs, so please continue to endorse, to share and where possible, contribute.

One Love

Meeting Health and Safety Regulations for The Children's Oasis

M. Morgan (Project Manager), written 22 days ago

M. Morgan

Rhys is coming to help out this summer

Rhys Merriman, a young teacher extraordinaire, working in the Primary sector, with challenged youth in Hackney, East London, is coming out to work with the children here and in the community, help them to have a summer to remember.

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With his passion for music, youth, teaching and learning, he decided to volunteer for 1 whole month with us.  He has bought his ticket, put aside his 'spending' money, is in everyone's ear and pocket to bring arts and craft resources, exercise books etc., and everyone here is looking forward to his arrival at the end of July.

His presence here will help us ensure the children are able to attend all the annual Emancipation and Independence activities, (additional escort), get the opportunity to access the historical / cultural sites, facilitating a greater understanding of their past and present..

So if he knocks on your door, calls on your phone, nags you in your social media, know that he is bonafide and you will see he has directed donations to our page, so don't be afraid to help him out.

Much love to all

I'm supporting Rhys

M. Morgan (Project Manager), written 30 days ago

M. Morgan

We are now in our New and Permanent Home - Thank you all, here's how it's going.....

A huge big Thank You to all who have made it possible, Digicel Foundation Jamaica  for the incredible grant that enabled us to find this property, all our churches in UK, Miracle Church of God in Bedford, COGOP churches in Birmingham and all our individual donors who given their gifts with love. 

We are happy to announce The Children's Oasis, is now at Knightsville, St Thomas and currently has 5 children 8 -13yrs one teen mum and baby, and our Revered (84yr old) Elder is in the cottage at the side of the main house.

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The main house has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms plus dining, breakfast and living rooms, kitchen, laundry room and huge back storage area, this meets our current needs.  Attached to the main house is the 2 bedroom cottage with it's own bathroom and kitchen/living room. This is occupied by our Revered Elder, who let us purchase the property at a huge 20% reduction in price enabling us to buy within budget, in return for giving her occupancy of the cottage for life.

The children are so happy at the move and have settled well into their new school and home environment.  The school, joyfully, has a special needs unit enabling our girl with severe learning difficulties, to attend the same school as the others.

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For the first time we are in close proximity to the schools, we even have a library at the top of the road, which is the main East Coast road and only 40 mins by frequent bus to Down Town Kingston.

Our new location enables the children to socialise outside of school and attend extra curricular activities, at a previously unknown level.  This is all impacting positively on their personalities and the cause of much joy, as is the proximity of the beach.

Limit 600x450 the beach

The house is over 40 years old, the roof is fairly new, but the bathrooms and kitchen are original and in need of some serious refurbishment, all of the kitchen and bathroom fittings are in need of urgent replacement if we are to meet Health and Safety Regulations, we will also need to install smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and fire blankets, please see the list of new needs and share the news.

Our plans for further use of the property include a family therapy and contact centre (will be the first in Jamaica), which we look to sustain through ornamental fish breeding and farming, aquaponic greenhouse growing organic cash crops and a kitchen garden.  The skills required for these activities and producing their added value products  will be taught as part of our wealth creation programme for children leaving state care and families in need. 

Thank you all for bringing our permanent home into being, the children here and locally, will benefit greatly from the love you have shown,

Meeting Health and Safety Regulations for The Children's Oasis
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