The Children's Oasis, a gentle space for children in need

An aid project by “The Griffin Charitable Trust” (M. Morgan) in St Catherine, Jamaica

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M. Morgan (Project Manager), written 5 days ago

M. Morgan

Hackney Primary School supporting Jamaican schools....

Benthal Primary School in Hackney, East London is partnering with The Griffin Charitable Trust in Jamaica to share excess educational resources with Yallahs Primary School in St Thomas, Jamaica.

Benthal Primary Head Teacher, Delphenia Chin was so taken by the aspirations of staff member to volunteer with The Griffin Trust at their Children's Oasis,that on researching our work and history, she is giving her full support to this project.

This summer the school will be updating and replacing a significant number of it's library and group reading books, other resources and outdated stationery and equipment/toys, sports gears etc., all which are still serviceable and much in demand, in Jamaica. We look to raise enough money to ship some barrels, a crate or 2 or even a 20ft container (if we can raise enough), filled with this amazing bounty which will enhance the learning experiences of some 1,200 pupils at the Yallahs Primary School.

Rhys Merriman, a young teacher extraordinaire, working at Benthal Primary School, in Hackney, East London, is coming out to work with the children here and in the community, help them to have a summer to remember.

With his passion for music, youth, teaching and learning, he decided to volunteer for 1 whole month with us. He has bought his ticket, put aside his 'spending' money, is in everyone's ear and pocket to bring arts and craft resources, exercise books etc., and everyone here is looking forward to his arrival at the end of July.

The first 4 Barrels are on the way to Benthal Primary School to be packed for Jamaica

Once again, thanks to this amazing young man, 4 barrels are now en route to Benthal Primary School to begin the packing process, He got an amazing bargain 4 for 60GBP or 85 Euro, but we need to raise a minimum of 280GBP or 400 Euro to send them off to Jamaica.

Later this week, Rhys will, together with a colleague of experience in packing for Jamaica, start packing with books and resources..... it is all so exciting, but we need to continue to rise the 60 GBP or  to ship and clear them when they arrive..... the journey has begun..... let's all support the children in need in Jamaica, best way we can,

Please share, and if you can, please contribute

M. Morgan (Project Manager), written about 2 months ago

M. Morgan

Today I transferred the money we raised on Indiegogo

First thing today, I transferred the funds we raised on Indiegogo €490, we are well on our way.

We also recently received this lovely message with a fabulous donation,  

"This is absolutely amazing! I know that you will leave a lasting impression on the children and do over and above of what maybe expected of you. I hope that the children that you teach will one day follow in you foot steps. Good luck with everything. From Aylin, Demi, Oz and Alper"

As is so often the case, these are people who we may not personally know, but yet they extend a hand of love and care to others, out heartfelt thanks to you all and especially to the lovely family, Aylin, Demi, Oz and Alper.

As we have been donated the fittings for 1 bathroom, we are able to use the funds raised so far to buy the toilets needed for the other 3, so everyone will now get a new eco-flush toilet and purchase some of the fence posts (we have been donated the fencing).

The children continue to thrive in their new environment, their school is fabulous, they have access to so many extra curricular activities.  The boys have gravitated towards Scouting, the girls 4H Club and Red Cross and they are loving it.  When children can socialise and participate fully in their local community, it greatly enhances their self esteem and confidence, gives them a sense of belonging.

The Children's Oasis aims to be the permanent spot for children to refresh, renew and heal their spirit and themselves.

Limit 600x450 dwight lawrence

This fabulous young man, Dwight Lawrence, was one of our original Summer Schoolers, he has been alongside The Griffin Trust since 2002.  He now works in Curacao and has a regular spot on the local Christian Radio Station. 

Limit 600x450 taj christian

Another 'original', one of our first High School awardees, seen here receiving his Instrument of Office from the Governor General, as he became Jamaica's Youth Ambassador to the Commonwealth.

So proud of these young men, positively impacting on the young people round them, makes you know it is all worthwhile.

Help us to continue to enable children to become their dreams, to succeed above the odds, to achieve their goals.

We still need another  €3,395 to reach our goal and meet the Health and Safety Regulations required to continue our work.

Thank you for your support, please do share and endorse.

Meeting Health and Safety Regulations for The Children's Oasis
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