The Children's Oasis, a gentle space for children in need

An aid project by “The Griffin Charitable Trust” (M. Morgan) in St Catherine, Jamaica

News: On this page the carrier keeps you informed about the current situation of the project. This helps you judge how the donations are being used.

M. Morgan (Project Manager), written 4 months ago

M. Morgan

I triggered a payout for these needs:

wash hand basins€96.00

This will be utilised towards the collection and clearing of the barrels on arrival in  Jamaica.  We are oping that they will arrive while Rys is ere in Jamaica so e can present to Yallahs Primary School.

M. Morgan (Project Manager), written 5 months ago

M. Morgan

Our first barrel is ready....

Our first 200 litre barrel is filled with stationary kindly donated by Benthal Primary School - set to reach Jamaica this summer. Thank you for those that have already contributed items and helped towards the shipping. If you are still interested in helping out there's time. One love!

Limit 600x450 benthal barrel 1

Limit 600x450 benthal barrel 2

Support Benthal Primary School Helping Jamaica

M. Morgan (Project Manager), written 5 months ago

M. Morgan

Hackney Primary School supporting Jamaican schools....

Benthal Primary School in Hackney, East London is partnering with The Griffin Charitable Trust in Jamaica to share excess educational resources with Yallahs Primary School in St Thomas, Jamaica.

Benthal Primary Head Teacher, Delphenia Chin was so taken by the aspirations of staff member to volunteer with The Griffin Trust at their Children's Oasis,that on researching our work and history, she is giving her full support to this project.

This summer the school will be updating and replacing a significant number of it's library and group reading books, other resources and outdated stationery and equipment/toys, sports gears etc., all which are still serviceable and much in demand, in Jamaica. We look to raise enough money to ship some barrels, a crate or 2 or even a 20ft container (if we can raise enough), filled with this amazing bounty which will enhance the learning experiences of some 1,200 pupils at the Yallahs Primary School.

Rhys Merriman, a young teacher extraordinaire, working at Benthal Primary School, in Hackney, East London, is coming out to work with the children here and in the community, help them to have a summer to remember.

With his passion for music, youth, teaching and learning, he decided to volunteer for 1 whole month with us. He has bought his ticket, put aside his 'spending' money, is in everyone's ear and pocket to bring arts and craft resources, exercise books etc., and everyone here is looking forward to his arrival at the end of July.

The first 4 Barrels are on the way to Benthal Primary School to be packed for Jamaica

Once again, thanks to this amazing young man, 4 barrels are now en route to Benthal Primary School to begin the packing process, He got an amazing bargain 4 for 60GBP or 85 Euro, but we need to raise a minimum of 280GBP or 400 Euro to send them off to Jamaica.

Later this week, Rhys will, together with a colleague of experience in packing for Jamaica, start packing with books and resources..... it is all so exciting, but we need to continue to rise the 60 GBP or  to ship and clear them when they arrive..... the journey has begun..... let's all support the children in need in Jamaica, best way we can,

Please share, and if you can, please contribute

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