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A kindergarten for Bech Khlok, a remote Cambodian village near the jungle.

A project from Seed of Small Beginning e.V.
in Koas Krala, Cambodia

The goal of Seed is to improve the living-conditions of suffering children and families in Cambodia permanently, and to play a meaningful part in the reduction of poverty and misery in the world through this.

A. Brüschweiler
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About this project

Our video about the project:

Since our project leader is in close contact with the community and supports the primary school teachers daily, it was evident that a facility to care for the children not yet at school age was necessary. In Bech Khlok (a remote village in western Cambodia), there are no places for child care apart from our school and the family’s homes. Building a Kindergarten is very important for the families, whose parents have to work full time.
Through research and a survey, our Cambodian Project leader found out that in Bech Khlok, at least 15 children between the ages of 3-5 urgently need care. If this was provided, the burden would be taken from the older siblings so they could concentrate on school work and in class.

Because both parents are usually working, their school aged children are left with the task of looking after the younger siblings during school time. This means they often don’t even attend their classes. Many of them have to take their siblings into the classrooms, which causes distractions during class or sometimes they leave them to play alone on the school grounds.
The rest of the younger children are left unattended at home or in fields exposed to sun and heat while their parents work.  Through the integration of these day care facilities to the school grounds in Bech Khlok, we could provide a better future for these kids and their families with moderate effort and costs. For the first step, a building would have to be erected which would provide a safe space to learn and experience things for children and their carers.

A small, open hall with tile floors, a fence and a few toys would be necessary. Toys and books could be borrowed from the library. Seed wants to offer the people of Bech Khlok the chance to be a carer for the Kindergarten. There are many dedicated women, that would surely be keen and suitable to take up the position.  The woman that will be hired, will of course not be a qualified teacher, but our project leader on site will accompany her at the beginning. Everyone in Bech Khlok will support the building of the hall and the furthering of educational opportunities for the kids and carers.
This link takes you to the video about the project: