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Koro Doyo Junior Elementary School renovation and furnishing

Koro Doyo, Ethiopia

The project intervention is highly essential. As a result IFA has took initiative of the intervention because of the continues request of the beneficiary community to renovate and furnish the school.

G. Firo from International Friendship Association (IFA) gGmbH
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Koro Doyo Junior Elementary School was established 35 years ago in  Dodola District of West Arsi Zone of Oromia Regional State in Ethiopia. It has under standard buildings with 8 small classrooms, which was built by the local community and need maintenances. All the classrooms are  mud made with cracked walls, broken windows and doors, over used roofing sheets, which could never protect students from rain, and direct attack of sun. Each classroom has no proper size of blackboards and student desks. That is why almost all of the students are forced to seat on stone and attend their classes. The school has no laboratory, library, and resource or pedagogical center. At present it is a school of 1st and 2nd Cycle grades; which consists of grade 1 – 8 and works beyond its capacity simply to accommodate the existing 550 regular students in two sessions. 
As a result of all these discouraging problems the teaching learning process is highly disrupted. The interest of students went down, teachers’ motivation seems discouraged.  

So, what has to be done to improve this bitter teaching - learning situation of this highly populated and depleted school? 
This is the major issue, which has forced IFA to develop this project idea with its holistic objectives to improve and change the stressful and discouraging situation of the school through this feasible project idea, which is designed as workable and immediate remedy of the problem. The project is prepared with full participation of the school and the parent communities and other stakeholders. 
If the problems of the school are not solved, the bitterness of the problems will aggravate soon with its devastating effect on the teaching - learning process, on the many lives of students, teachers, and parents. 
So, the project intervention is highly essential and expected to save many more children and generally human lives in near future. 
IFA takes the initiative of the intervention because of the continues request of the District Education Office, beneficiary community and school administration. IFA with the District Education Office and school community has planned to minimize/solve the problems by maximizing the community contribution, seeking benevolent donor, mobilizing its own limited resource and to implement the project in cost effective, affordable and manageable ways.