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Support India- Covid Relief Emergency Aid

A project from The Bharath Abhyudaya Seva Samithi
in CPI Colony - Chandra Rajeswararaonagar slum, Guntur , India

BASS is working to reduce the spreading of coronavirus by distribution of emergency food aid and education on prevention methods to the vulnerable families in India. Please join with us global community to save the lives of the poor families in India

Joseph Anthony C.
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About this project

Dear Friends,

At this unprecedented time in history, we are reaching out to the global community for help to keep vulnerable children and their families living in one of the world’s largest slums from perishing. With aggressive lock downs across the India, that keep families from working and children out of schools, the need is escalating daily and the risk of starvation mounting. The COVID-19 pandemic is pushing us to the brink in an already resource challenged community. Without outside support the outcome for the children is bleak. 

COVID-19 is threatening vulnerable children and their out-of-work parents locked down in Guntur slums in Andhra Pradesh, India. These communities who are already maximizing their limited resources are now at risk of starvation, as well as being at high risk for contracting COVID-19. BASS India, an NGO established in 1978, is working to provide food and essential supplies. We need help from the global community to save the lives of the children and their families. Your gift of any amount will mean life-saving support. 
As a charitable organization with a long-standing history of service, we are in an excellent position to help. The Bharath Abhyudaya Seva Samithi, affectionately called BASS India by its supporters, is a registered non-governmental, charitable organization established in 1978 that has proactively served one of the world’s poorest communities for generations and has been acknowledged for excellent in service.  BASS seeks to improve the lives of children, young people, women and those most vulnerable—who are at the highest risk due to challenging social and economic conditions even under “normal” circumstances. Education, healthcare and advocating for the rights of children are our main focus. Our existing projects include:  Certified schools for children living in the slums who have been removed from child labor (we have around 300 pupils at present), healthy daily meals for all students, A newly formed health clinic,  On-site education for children of seasonal workers,  Community leadership training ,  Family support programs, Scholarship Fund for exceptional students,  Vocational training for students transitioning into the skilled workforce ,  Ongoing teacher training and support. BASS India works in partnership with the National Child Labor Project as well as local and regional governmental agencies and the U.S. based Non-profit, the Bet Lev Foundation.  As we face this global crisis together, we humbly request your support—100% of funds received through this campaign go directly to the children we serve and their families. 

Thank you,
Joseph Anthony Chukka- Director of Operations