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Funded Training of "Coral Gardeners" in Maldives

A project from Förderverein Deutsches Meeresmuseum e. V.
in Male, Maldives

With your donation you support the Coral Doctors in the training of coral gardeners in Maldives. With your help we are able to conduct workshops where urgently needed knowledge about coral propagation will be shared.

Torsten K.
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Greetings and many thanks for your interest in supporting our project of the heart.

We are Yamila & Torsten Krussk. Together with the German Oceanographic Museum in Stralsund we founded the Coral Doctors Project in 2015.

Our project

Under the scientific leadership of the German Oceanographic Museum we have trained numerous "coral gardeners" in Maldives over the past 3 years. This year, the Spanish ZooAquarium de Madrid is joining. Due to our help our workshop participants were given the necessary basic coral knowledge and learned how to handle these fascinating and fragile marine creatures in a hands-on manner.

Why in Maldives?

Approximately 60% of the Maldivian coral reefs were destroyed or severely damaged during the last El Niño in 2016. Climate change and the ignorance of people threaten what is left.

The reefs are in urgent need of help as the whole country depends on coral reefs:

- coral reefs are protective barriers to erosion
- all islands are made of coral sand
- the main food "FISH" lives in the coral reef

Why do we need your help?

We have to educate the public of Maldives about the importance and endangerment of their unique ecosystem. They need to realize how essential it is, to protect, preserve and rebuild their reefs. We will teach them how to create small coral gardens, how to care for them and to expand them if necessary. Later those corals will be transplanted into the reef.

What for do we need help!

When the situation will change other island communities are waiting for our support. So far we have only been able to fundraise the flight costs for the team. We urgently need: reef construction material, various tools, UW equipment, transfers and accommodations for our team. Your donation will create the foundation for the training of new "coral gardeners".

You will help us to conduct small workshops of 3-5 days each. During theoretical and practical lessons we will give dedicated Maldivians all the knowledge needed to enable them to properly propagate corals to create coral gardens on their own.

Thank you