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Closed Zug der Liebe 2018

Zug der Liebe sends a signal for more charity and social commitment. We protest peacefully but vociferously against right-wing populists and the growing indifference in our society.

F. Hartmann from Zug der Liebe e.V.Write a message

We encourage young people to recognize new ways for themselves, to convey a vision of how to stand up for each other, more understanding for others, and mutual consideration, ultimately allowing us all to benefit from each other. We believe that all the good you give others comes back to you. 

In order to draw attention to our goals, we hold an annual protest. This common experience should inspire people and encourage them to become socially committed. We also draw attention to our goals in public campaigns. 
What people who believe in a good project can achieve and develop together, we have already experienced in recent years. We disclose all income and expenses to ensure maximum transparency for all supporters. This gives everyone insight into what happens with which every euro and what results can be possible with our action. With your support, you can demonstrate what the Zug der Liebe is worth to you. 

The project is realized by "Zug der Liebe e.V.". Originally as a community of two people with same interests, the association members are now working hand in hand with various partners, volunteers, friends and participants of recent years on the implementation.