Video Organización Comunitarias y Expresión Social

An aid project by “Video Organización Comunitaria y Expresión Social” (S. Kostolitz) in Otavalo, Ecuador

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S. Kostolitz (Project Manager)

S. Kostolitz
Video Organización Comunitarias y Expresión Social (V.O.C.E.S.) is a recently created film media organization based in Apuela, a community within Ecuador's Intag Valley.
The goal of V.O.C.E.S. is to provide the Intag community with local, national and international news from the perspective of Inteños themselves. V.O.C.E.S. also aspires to educate Intag and the global community about environmental issues affecting Intag, such as the destructive impacts of copper mining.
The V.O.C.E.S. team, currently comprised of six members from surrounding communities, received their certificates in film-making after the completion of a six-month course taught by A La Source, a French audiovisual collective.
With these skills the V.O.C.E.S. team hopes to create a documentary about communities within Intag, continue organizing public showings of films, and grow as a quality media source.
To learn more about V.O.C.E.S. and coming projects please visit their website:
To view past news reports and films please visit this website:

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Location: Otavalo, Ecuador

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