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LACalytics 2018: Young voices for Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean

Hamburg, Germany

Bi-national teams from Latin America and Europe write articles on current topics and present them at the final conference in Hamburg in October. Your donation helps us to cover the travel expenses of the participants. .

S. Eisenmeier from IFAIR e.V.
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LACalytics 2018: Young Voices to Strengthen Europe-Latin America-Caribbean Relations
LACalytics is a unique programme that promotes the direct exchange of ideas between young people from Europe and the Latin American and Caribbean region on current political, economic and social issues. As part of the programme, bi-regional teams - one author from Europe and one from Latin America and the Caribbean - write joint articles. We speak of 44 students and young professionals from 16 countries (10 LAC countries & 6 European countries). LACalytics thus contributes to the cooperation and networking of the two regions on a personal and professional level and gives a voice to the younger generation.

The best LACalytics articles are collected in a printed publication and published in three languages ​​(English, Spanish & Portuguese). The programme concludes with a conference that will take place from October 20 to 24 in Hamburg. This conference offers the authors a space to present their articles and to talk to decision-makers from politics, business and science. To enable the participation of the authors and let them see the fruits of their work, we need your support!

LACalytics is organized by IFAIR e.V. - a dedicated team of volunteers. The programme is supported by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany and by the EU-LAC Foundation. We are not lacking motivation or enthusiasm, but we are looking for further support means to cover the travel costs for the authors and thus to enable their participation in the final conference.

We would be very happy to name you as an official sponsor and to offer you the opportunity to gain visibility on our programme website, in our social media, in the printed publication and / or the final conference. Besides that, we will send a copy of the final publication to those who donate at least 200,- €. People who donate more than 300,- € are cordially invited to attend the conference.

We would be delighted if you support us with your donation and give young people from Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe the chance to express their ideas for better cooperation. In this way you promote promising young talents, interregional exchange on a personal and professional level, as well as mutual understanding.

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