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association "gleam of hope" - we stand for inclusion

A project from Förderkreis "Lichtblick" Beschäftigungs GmbH
in Seligenstadt, Germany

"focus not on the difference of people with disabilities but the talent of the indivitual". The association has set its goal to offer and secure a job for people with a handicap so they can be included and take part in our society.

L. Welzbacher
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The association "gleam of hope" was founded by parents with disabled children over 20 years ago. Their goal was to offer them the opportunity for a normal job with a fair salary.  Furthermore the concern was and is to give those people the opportunity to defelop self-esteem, independence and self-confidence. All of those aspects should lead to the main goal: to be able to really "live" inclusion.

Now the "gleam of hope" Lld. employes over 60% people wtih disability. The association runs 3 different businesses: 

A Coffeehouse in an old monastery, the Hotel Elysee and a car-sign shop. All of these businesses are placed in a historical city in the middle of germany (near frankfurt).

We hope that you help us with your donation to secure the workspaces for our handicaped employees.