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Best from Berlin, your - Building a school for Nepali children

Chandisthan, Nepal

1 / 6 - Building a school for Nepali children

Chandisthan, Nepal

We build schools., short 264, wants to provide every child with a fair chance in life — no matter where it is born. We do this by building schools all around the world.

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About this project

Build a school for Nepali children

Current situation:
It is our goal to bring free education to the village of Chandisthan in Nepal. So far we have set up temporary buildings in the form of metal cottages where thirty children are already being schooled today.

However, as you can see in the pictures, the buildings are anything from ideal and a storm destroyed some of the school buildings a couple of weeks ago. Thus, we would like to build a school constructed of stones, that serves as a permanent school.

How you can help

To build this school we need 25,000€.
To join our journey and to see the progress we will send you pictures, videos and updates from the construction. You will see the direct impact you had with your donation.
Once the school is finished we will provide you with updates on the children's learning progress and how the the school is doing in general.

Even 15€ are enough to send one child to school for one entire month!

Learn more about our project and how you can get involved here:


As we believe in transparency we want to show you our budget allocation:
For land: 9,270 
Workers: 2,000
Bricks: 4,000
Roof: 1,800
Cement: 900
Sand: 400
Door: 700
Windows: 800
Metal road: 1,000
Furniture: 2,000
Carpet for floor: 1,000
School materials (for first year): 1,130
= 25,000€