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Save lives with neutering - Help now!

A project from Sando e.V.
in Fuerteventura, Spain

We have negotiated special conditions with a local veterinarian and, depending on the amount of donations, we can regularly catch cats, neuter them and bring them back to their usual place.

Petra Konradi von Sando e.v.
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We, a small group of animal rights activists here on Fuerteventura, take care of stray cats in our immediate vicinity in the north of the island. Because the situation here is frightening: too less  cats have been neutered in recent years. Many inhabitants do not have enough money and can not afford neutering. Often the shame is so big that instead of asking for help, they simply expose the animals. Sometimes even pregnant ...

The consequences are devastating: Due to the uncontrolled multiplication of cats, there is an overpopulation of sick and helpless animals, who are wandering around without owners, find no food and starve to death.

We help. Since each of us already has experience in animal welfare, we know: the only way to help is neutering! Only in this way can we change the situation of the cats.

Currently we have about 15 kittens, unneutered mothers and male cats and some white babies. We have to catch these animals quickly because the sun makes them sick. Often white cats get cancer, then the ears have to be amputated first, then the nose ... We can not expose these special babies again - we are looking for a home for them.

Our primary goal is the neuterng of kittens and moms. But we need financial support, because the veterinary and feed costs are high. If you actively support us, we can alleviate the plight of the animals. And we can make it clear to the city council on Fuerteventura that much can be done with small means.
Every donation helps.
Many Thanks!