Closed Japan: Help after the earthquake and tsunami

An aid project by “Deutsches Rotes Kreuz e.V.” (B. Stadler) in Sendai, Japan

B. Stadler (Project Manager)

B. Stadler
On Friday, 11.03.2011, a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 8,9 hit the coasts of Japan causing an enormous Tsunami. Since then the Japanese Red Cross has continuously been in action with 86 emergency relief teams. There are around 600 medical specialists working on-site in the disaster area to rescue and free survivors buried under the rubble and providing medical care for injured people.
Task forces report of victims, that almost drowned and had to swallow big amounts of water, which may lead to lung infections. Furthermore many people have suffered different extent of burns or smoke poisoning due to the many fires.
The Japanese Red Cross is additionally providing for people who had to evacuate to the emergency camps and the assembly points. In the much-affected coastal city of Sendai alone there are 200 emergency shelters, where the Tsunami victims are provided with sleeping facilities, food and psycho-social care. The Japanese Red Cross furthermore has a medical team on stand-by for the care of the radiation victims in Nagasaki.
Current information on the Red Cross Initiative in Japan can be found on

Please help the people in Japan with your donations! Every contribution from you counts! We will transfer the donations directly to the Japanese Red Cross.

Thank you very much for your Help!!

For your Information: transfers 100% of the donations to us. The German Red Cross is keeping 10% for running costs. These costs encompass the administrative costs as well as the expenditures for the infrastructure needed to provide a continuous readiness to take actions in disaster situations.

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Location: Sendai, Japan

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  • Rotkreuzkrankenhaus in Osaka

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  • Transport eines Verletzten mit dem Rotkreuz-Hubschrauber

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  • Nach dem Tsunami überflutete Straßen. Autos im Wasser.

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  • Helferin des Japanischen Roten Kreuzes versorgt ein Baby nach dem Erdbeben.

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