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New Anatomy Bumblebees for Bumblebee Visits!

A project from Hummelkind-Visite e. V.
in Berlin, Germany

In order to have more stuffed animals with internal organs produced in Germany for medical education suitable for children, we urgently need financial support.

C. Körner
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About this project

We need financial support to purchase more of our anatomy bumblebee children. The anatomy bumblebees are ideal for explaining the position and function of internal organs and upcoming operations in the clinic in a way that is suitable for children. Our anatomy bumblebees create a connection between the "creepy white coat" and the little patient. Fears and stress can be reduced in a playful atmosphere.

Our anatomy bumblebee children are approx. 40 cm tall, have a zipper on the belly behind which all important internal organs of a person are in anatomically correct position. The bumblebee can even pee. Bones are also hidden behind zippers on the arms. This allows you to discover and get to know your body in a playful way. 

The anatomy bumblebees are completely manufactured in Germany by one of the oldest doll and soft toy companies. It is a great pity that this activity in Germany is a dying out profession. We would like to continue to have our Hummelkind Anatomie bumblebees produced in Germany, for this we need financial support. 

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