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C. Cieslok (Project Manager)

C. Cieslok
By supporting the Women in School Association you are helping us to provide access to education for adult females in Ghana.

Your generous contribution supports the mission of WIN to create a permanent education platform for those suffering from their situation in the past and not being able to finish first level education.

Your financial contribution to the Women in School Association supports the development of our curriculum, the volunteer program, our project WIN2012 and the stability of the whole association.

"Only the educated are free" and your donation will help to give this freedom to our students and teachers; and to yourself for supporting those in need.

We hope that with further financial resources we can not only extend the WIN curriculum but also create new permanent programs to support our students in finding better jobs, helping to improve their existing individual businesses and support them actively in daily life activities in Ghana.

We are always in need to buy school books, writing blocks, pens, chalk, mosquito coils, light bulbs, etc… Your donation will help Women in School to stay open, independent and to sustain what we have achieved so far.

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Location: Accra, Ghana

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