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Support Mentoring for Refugee Children!

Berlin (Berlin, Germany), Germany

We find Mentors for Refugee Children who are between 6 and 12 years old. Our tandems meet up weekly and do hobby activities together. With 20 € you can support a Tandem for one month.

N. Ramzani from Familien für Kinder gGbmH
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Children from refugee families are Newcomers in our society. Many of them went through tremendous hardships before arriving in Germany. And even after finding their new hometown in Berlin the difficulties are not over. Arriving for those Kids and their families turns out to be a challenging process under harsh conditions. To support them, we have founded "1 to 1 for refugee children": We find volunteers, who are interested and qualified to support a child, we school them, and we introduce them to the families. Together the volunteer and the Child build a tandem. After getting to know each other and the parents, they meet once a week to do something fun: They do sports, play Memory, bake cookies, explore other Kiezs, or just hang out.

Regular positive experiences with a resource person are crucial for the healthy development of every child. And although our mentees have the irreplaceable Love of their families, the special circumstances of migration call for further support. The Mentors, who feel at home in Berlin, can introduce the city to their Mentees. They can show them new perspectives and bring stability to a usually less stable living situation. They are cultural bridges, between refugee camps and the outside. But Mentoring is never a one-way street! Mentors experience the time spent with their curious, enthusiastic and creative Mentees as a tremendous enrichment. They learn new thing and become friends with cultures different than their own.

What do we achieve through Mentorships for refugee children?

• Children and their families improve their language Skills.
• Mentorships increase the self-esteem of children.
• They learn more about their new environment.
• All participants experience a cultural exchange.
• Kids broaden their horizons by going out of the refugee camp and participating in new spaces. 
• Through voluntary work and networking with other projects we strengthen civil society.
• New friendships and networks increase the feeling of recognition in both children and parents.