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Support Media Education in South Africa

A project from South African German Network e.V. (SAGE Net)
in Grahamstown, South Africa

Knowing how to use and produce media helps to understand the world. I support the project awarenet wit my professonal experience in media education.

Hannah Cholewa
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About this project

Media Education is one of the most important subjects of our education system. People who have acces to the Internet and know how to use it have the possibility to use the biggest knowledge ressource of the world. The Village Scribe Association makes this possible. The project awarenet is in the city Grahamstown. Here, the local youth can learn how to use the computer and the internet. Furthermore, there are also a lot of media courses for teachers and students.

New Staff for awarenet
I will support awarenet for one year. With over 7 years of professional experience I am excited about technologies and the creative and competent use of them. I am experienced in media work with youth and the production of movies and radio.

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SAGE Net: The South African German Network is an expert in southafrican collaboration for years. They offer the possibility to work in South African projects for a lot of young people. SAGE Net is also active in the weltwaerts - reverse program. In this program South African participants are supported to volunteer in Germany.