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Support the European Youth Parliament

The EYP always had a lasting impact on its participants. The newly launched EYP crowdfunding platform provides a unique opportunity for EYP alumni and others to directly support the organisation’s work now and into the future.

Helena K. from Schwarzkopf-Stiftung Junges EuropaWrite a message

The European Youth Parliament (EYP) has always had a lasting impact on its participants. But there has never been a method for the many thousands of alumni to financially give back to the organisation and ensure that other generations can avail of the same experience. 

The newly launched EYP crowdfunding platform provides  a unique opportunity for EYP alumni and others to directly support the organisation’s work now and into the future. Donors may choose to channel their contribution to one of three separate funding streams:
1) National Committee (NC) Support Fund is a mini grant programme of the EYP International Office, supporting  EYP National Committees to do their work in the best possible way.  

Since it was launched in 2015, more than 50 projects have been supported in 20 countries. Selected projects should fall into the following categories, but are not limited to: strengthening diversity, building capacity and training, covering costs and legal fees, ensuring sustainability, raising awareness on refugee and stateless persons’ issues.

Projects get selected by the Office according to strategic priorities, needs and other criteria.

EYP Ireland’s Member Training in Dublin for 50 participants, who received support through the NC Support Fund in the past year: 
“Overall, the event was widely enjoyed and highly successful. It served to upskill our members – both the trainers and the trainees. It allowed us to welcome our newest generation of members into an environment of inclusivity and learning.” 
2) Mobility fund - Fostering a more inclusive society 
The Mobility Fund is intended to foster a more diverse and inclusive EYP community: It will cover participation fees and travel costs for participants, particularly from our targeted outreach groups, who would otherwise be unable to take part in EYP activities outside of their home country. 

Funds are allocated according to individuals’ motivation and financial needs. 
‘Without the grant I would not have been able to travel. Receiving the money made it much easier for me to take holidays from work and be a trainer for the EYP ‘ 
[A participant travelling to Ukraine]

3) The EYP Fund will provide financial support to be used by the International Office of EYP to cover key activities  critical to the continued sustainability and democratic structure of the organisation.

This funding will be assigned by the International Office, according to the budget priorities defined by  the Governing Body.
All progress regarding our crowdfunding campaign will be reported in our alumni newsletter and via