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Closed Education and Vocational Skills Training for 50 Child Labour in India

Gunur, India

Closed Education and Vocational Skills Training for 50 Child Labour in India

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Education is Basic Right to all children. We need protect child labor through formal and vocational skills training. 50 identified admitted child labor gets education, skills training, health care and nutrition through this project

Joseph Anthony C. from The Bharath Abhyudaya Seva SamithiWrite a message

We humbly request you to kindly join in this project and control Child Labor in a largest slum in Guntur city through Child labor Eradication special school under National Child Labor project (NCLP) Guntur. 

Swarnabharathinagar is one of the major slums in Guntur city, approximately 12000 families living together without any basic facilities. Most of the families belong to rural villages came here in search of employment. Families are doing daily wage works in agriculture, construction works, factories, mechanical, transport, domestic manual labor works. The income is very low, not sufficient. Each family consists of 4-8 members living together. Sometimes they are not having enough works and they felt famine situation. The children of these families are deprived as they don’t go to schools and go along with their parents for daily wage works to add income to their families. The children conditions are very pathetic, no growth and very weak and suffering with sickness. Employers’ likes to give works to the children to get good quality works with fewer wages and the parents of the children do not care for them and even not check their health even in serious conditions due to unavailability of public health centers in the area. 

Therefore our organization BASS has started child labor prevention Special school for abandoned child laborers in this slum from 2009 with the collaboration of Ministry of Labor, Government of India under National Child labor project. We have identified about 200 out of school children in this slum and admitted 50 children. Government is providing nominal maintenance of the school for low remunerations for 3 teachers include one clerk and one ayah and providing low quality lunch and stipend of Rs.150/- for each child as compensation for attending school. 

We are inculcating the habit of staying in class room and give them primary education along with vocational skill training to the children for 1 to 3 years period and later mainstream them to the further education. Every year we promote 10 to 15 children to the regular schools and to admit another 15 new identified children. Sofar we are successfully promoted 70 children through this school.

Unfortunately children are not interested to attend the school and go back to work. Therefore we wish to improve our standards by providing good nutritive food with medical care to ensure their attendance in the classes. And also children need good uniforms and vocational training material, particular 2 tailoring machines, one embroidery machine and also one computer. 

This project is monitored and executed by the president of the BASS and staff members of the school. Project Director and Felid staff of National Child labor Project, Guntur will visit school every month and make record. The formed parents committees always review the school running. We humbly request you to kindly help and support.

This project is supported by the Maecenata Foundation, Munich/Berlin: