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"Bärenherz" ("Bear's Heart") children's hospice

Leipzig (Markkleeberg), Germany

Please help us to help terminally ill children and their loved ones with medical care, counselling, accomodation and assistance. We rely on donations to support seriously, incurably ill children with a short life expectancy and their families.

Ulrike Herkner from Kinderhospiz Bärenherz Leipzig e.V.
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The biggest hope expecting parents have is that their child will be born healthy. What happens when these hopes remain unfulfilled and the child is born seriously ill and the diagnose affirms an incurable illness? These families step into a new phase of life: Their dreams of the furture are destroyed from one second to the other.
With fear and worry about the beloved child the daily rhythm is turned upside down completely. These parents face a life with a child that must be taken care of, nursed and watched 24hours a day. There is no time for holidays and recreational break outs together as a family. Psychological, physical and financial burdens become unbearably serious.

We at "Bärenherz" ("Bear's Heart") try to assist these families quickly and unbureaucraticly. Within our in-patient children's hospice we care for seriously ill children, support and accompany their families. Through regular assistance we enable these families to find leisure time with their children. While children are being looked after, parents find time for themselves and other family members to restore their energy that they need to care for their ill child.

In order to offer assistance we need your support. For EURO 440 a day one seriously ill child and their family can be taken care of in our children's hospice. We rely on your support as health insurances only pay for little parts of the costs. With a donation you can promptly and directly support the work of our team and help to maintain the daily operations of the hospice.

Thank you very much!