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Save the "Schneckenhaus" – Let's keep the kindergarten local!

A project from Kindergarten „Schneckenhaus“ e.V.
in Kambs, Germany

We need your help: The nature oriented kindergarten and village Kambs. Education and teaching should remain local and keep the historic building from being empty. Please support us and DONATE NOW :-)

S. Schmidt
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This probably is common sense: Motion, fun and relaxation are key for every child and its development. In the little village Kambs (Northern Germany), this nature and environment focussed kindergarten offers all this in its own and unique way. Since 2001. Every day the kids get fresh air in the remarkable surroundings of green forests, greenfield sites and beautiful parkland… Besides the lovely nature and the variety it has to offer, the kindergarten works holistically. They learn to deal with stress in a sustainable and respectful way. By creating and supporting a natural awareness the kids learn for life.

But new policies and conditions endanger the peace: Since autumn 2017, the kindergarten had to stop their business. This was caused by building defects in the historic warehouse building. Temporarily the kids had to change buildings and location. In the meanwhile, the village and community are very supportive and active in keeping the kindergarten local and “alive”. But to do so further, additional funds are needed. In order to keep the building, the ground floor has to be reconstructed
This will be done in 2 steps:
Part I:           until December 2018, for 20 kids (was 22, had to be reduced due to new conditions :-( )
Part II:          from January 2019 onwards, expansion for up to 30 kids (in total), so the kindergarten can                        sustain itself
The local authority of county and community are very supportive. However, to complete the construction project in time, a few thousand Euros are still missing…
Total requirement for Part I: 150.000 Euros

Every amount helps: 10, 50 or 1,000 Euros – we need your support!
Timeline: fast, because the building has to be ready for occupation on 31st December 2018. This is requirement of the local authorities! 
Let us support the existence of the kindergarten in Kambs!
Especially nowadays we should stick together and fight for the survival of rural areas. No matter whereabouts on the planet 😊
We count on you!
Thank you very much,
the kids of Kindergarten “Schneckenhaus“ e.V.