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Disposal of Biomedical Waste in Thailand

The Buntharik Hospital, Thailand does not have any hardware for burning medical waste at its site. A team of Technology without Borders will implement an incinerator in March 2019 as well as coach the hospital staff how to use and maintain it.

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Current Situation
The province of Ubon Ratchathani is located in Thailand near the border of Cambodia and Laos. This region is one of the poorest, and its participation in the economy is much less significant than the capital city of Bangkok. The hospital in the town of Buntharik (approximately 5,000 inhabitants) doesn't have any hardware for securely burning medical waste in town. Therefore, the waste is transported approximately 80 km to the province’s capital Ubon Ratchathani several times a week to be burned there.

This necessary transportation of the infectious waste leads to high costs and loss of work time for employees at the hospital who must participate in this dangerous journey. In order to reduce transportation efforts, illegal waste dumping has already been reported. Wild animals have even been found eating some of the waste which has been dumped. This can cause the spread of various diseases. Precipitation will also wash bacteria into the groundwater. Uncontained fires are often used to burn this waste but they fail to disinfect the waste as well as reduce its volume.

Project Content
Mr. Kresimir Delinic has worked several times as a teacher in the province of Ubon Ratchathani. He knows just how severe this situation has become and also knows various influential people in this province. With his assistance as a mediator as well as our experience of successfully completing a previous project, a team of two people from the regional group Erlangen plans to implement a Hospital Waste Management System in Buntharik within a three week window in March 2019.
The core of this Hospital Waste Management System is a brick and stone DeMontfort Mark 9 incinerator with two burning chambers. With this incinerator it is possible to combust up to 50 kg of waste per hour. It provides a 4.5 m high chimney and comes with masoned waste chambers for storage. All of these components stand on a 6 x 4 m concrete foundation and are covered by a roof construction. Burning temperatures above 800 °C have been reported. Fuel, gas or oil, is not needed.
To ensure long-time usage of the incinerator, the hospital staff will be taught how to use and maintain the incinerator and all of its parts. Together with the hospital board and the major, we will develop a strategy for how proper waste separation will be achieved in the future.
In order for our team to help with long-term awareness of waste issues, we will coach a local work group who will face such problems and develop solutions. This work group will consist of students and teachers of the Ubon Ratchathani University. In addition, explorations of the current waste situations in nearby Cambodia and Laos are planned for future projects.

Support and Contact
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