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ZJD - The Zionist Youth Movement in Deutschland

A project from ZJD
in Frankfurt am main, Germany

The ZJD Movement (Habonim Dror Germany) has about 300 youngsters and counselors aged 10-20 in three cities: Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich. We are working with youth to spread support for the state of Israel, bring right educatio and etc.

I. Mund
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About this project

The ZJD Movement (Habonim Dror Germany) has about 300 youngsters and counselors aged 10-20 in three cities: Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich.
The activities of the movement consist of weekly activities (on Saturdays) and national projects such as long camps (winter, summer for about two weeks), short camps (three or four weekends), seminars (training, enrichment, etc.).
The instructors in the weekly activities are 10th and 12th graders, while the staff in the national activities is made up of instructors and Alumni from previous years, in cooperation with the Israeli team. In every city there is a "Shilachon", the responsible adult at the city work site. 
In addition to the "Shilachon", the city work site also has a "community culture coordinator" responsible for the work site cultural activities, including library activities and the publication of other cultural activities.
The values ​​of the movement are Zionism, Judaism and Socialism (Tikkun Olam), with the main emphasis being on the Zionist aspect. Therefore, we try to maintain activities in connection with Israel, including the existence of camps and various activities in Israel, and in accordance with the calendar of activity, holidays and holidays as is customary in Israel and for the months of activity as defined in the annual plan.
We are in fact the only movement spreading the message of Zionism throughout Germany, and in addition the only movement that openly speaks for the State of Israel and encourages the immigration of Jews to it. In the state, though, there are other Jewish youth movements, but if they do not promote or encourage public relations efforts for the State of Israel (sometimes they even declare decisively that they oppose it). In the end, we are the only body that gives a platform for voices that support the State of Israel, even on behalf of non-Jewish people of all ages - the youth movement on the one hand and advocacy efforts such as lectures in universities throughout Germany for adults.
Our financial plan is based mainly on annual donations from a number of different organizations, but which are not sufficient to sustain the organization's activities. All of our money is invested first and foremost in the youth activities and in the various institutions throughout Germany, which donations can not cover. We are actively working for the State of Israel and the Jewish youth that supports it in Germany, and therefore we are looking for additional donors.
We understand that not everyone is interested in PR for Israel, but the bottom line of our organization is that Zionism is the agreement that Jews have the right to a state of their own, in light of the dark historical events that have passed through this people. The economic support, whatever their size, helps our organization continue to exist and continue this message. Even those who are not Jewish, according to this definition, may be Zionist.