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Fasting and Starving - a big difference.

It is possible to avoid malnutrition during the first thousand days of life. 1000 days on which a whole life depends. 6.5 million people in Syria suffer from malnutrition. Help us fight malnutrition.

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The invisible hunger and its more than visible consequences.

It can be a pregnant woman giving birth to an underweight child. A non-breastfed infant with a lack of the nutrients he or she desperately needs in the beginning. A child who is too small or too thin for his age, emaciated, restricted in physical and mental development, or even in mortal danger.

6.5 MILLION People in Syria suffer from malnutrition
4 MILLION more people threaten to suffer from malnutrition in 2018 alone
ESPECIALLY CHILDREN are concerned. Their mothers are often very weak themselves.
The Union of Medical and Relief Organizations (UOSSM) has provided medical assistance to the civilian population in Syria for 7 years. With 1,500 local employees, we have direct access to the people most in need of our help, and as a UNOCHA Category-A partner (high reliability, low project risk) with international standards for quality management and sustainability (ISO 2600; ISO 9001) and its own on-site clinics in Syria, UOSSM can guarantee that your donation will arrive safely where it's needed most.

Help us to fight and prevent the malnutrition of children in Syria, as well as to help pregnant women and young mothers.

10 Euros allow us to treat a child according to IMCI protocol (especially nutrition, primary care, prevention).
25 Euros allow us to create a child-friendly space (CFS) for a child and provide case management for child protection (which usually involves individuals as well as whole families).
100 Euros will cover the costs of a safe vaginal birth in our centers.
150 Euros allow us to treat a case of severe malnutrition (Severe Acute Malnutrition, SAM).

(These examples include the pure, direct costs of treatment and transaction costs of 2.5% for Betterplace and 5% for bank transfers to Syria, as well as indirect costs (10%) as a contribution to salaries and to maintaining our operational structures so that we continue medical and humanitarian work in Syria in the long term)

In 2017 alone, UOSSM fed and treated 113,880 children under the age of 5 and 51,749 pregnant women and nursing mothers in our centers. A total of 151,413 consultations were conducted. In parallel, UOSSM investigated a further 69,047 people for malnutrition and discovered 3,419 cases. Today, 2,000 of them are healed.

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