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Help disabled children, Quichua Natives and the rainforest in Ecuador

A project from AM-EN Förderverein e.V.
in Cotundo, Ecuador

Encourage us to help handicapped children in Ecuador, as well as the Quichua Natives communities to preserve their culture and homeland, with a focus on their crop, Guayusa.

J. van Dijk
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About this project

The Am-En Foundation (Amor y Energia => Love and Energy) is a non-profit organization that offers "Integral Rehabilitation" in Ecuador. Horse riding therapy combined with conventional and alternative therapies.
But also the Quichua culture and the rainforest are supported by the foundation. This through the promotion of the tour operator for disabled travel "Southamericaforall" and the disabled equitable eco-Quichua Natives Lodge "Huasquila Amazon Lodge" in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

The central problem is that the Quichua Natives living there, who live mainly only from the natural resources of their own country, have the sole source of income for the sale of wood. This destroys the Amazon and the homeland of the Natives.

Ecotourism, with a special focus on disability tourism, has proven to be a good tool to provide local Quichua communities with an additional source of income (income diversification), but only for a few communities.

In the further search for opportunities then Guayusa was "rediscovered". Guayusa is a primeval cultivated plant of the Natives. In cooperation with the German company Matchachin projects were initiated, which give the Natives the opportunity to grow traditional Guayusa and sell it for a fair price. The Foundation specifically promotes the connection of other Quichua communities to this cooperation project with Matchachin and helps them meet the requirements for this. This will motivate them to preserve their culture and way of life, without excluding the connection to the modern age. Thus, e.g. as a condition for participation for the communities their own reforestation projects of the adjacent rainforest provided. So the already deforested areas again connect to the Amazon and thus a biocorridor to the Antisana reserve is produced. This allows the endemic species to move freely again.

With the donations collected here, on the one hand (50%) the therapies of children with disabilities in the AMEN center continue to be supported and on the other hand (50%) the Quichua communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon helped, their sources of income through the cultivation, harvesting and sale of Guayusa on to diversify. The company Matchachin pays the municipalities a 30% higher price than usual in their own domestic market.

In addition to hopefully many donations from you, the Guayusa brand Matchachin will be even more active here, as already done - and donate € 0.10 to this fundraiser for every purchase of one of their Guayusa products.