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ASANTE WATOTO: Fit for future - WE NEED YOU!

Nshupu, Usariver, Tanzania

WE NEED YOU! The Tanzanian children's home "Asante Watoto" faces several challenges: wages, health insurance and education exceed the running costs. Help us, so that the children can plan their future in love and security!

Simone, Caro & Anne A. from Asante Watoto e.V. | 
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About this project

Pictures say more than a thousand words ...
"Asante Watoto" is a sanctuary for children who had no place in Tanzanian society. It is very special that a Tanzanian woman gives a home to children from difficult circumstances, where there is an extraordinary emphasis on pedagogical interaction. The daily needs are covered by the membership fees of Asante Watoto e.V., but further projects are in progress that exceed the current budget. 
Loving care = securing jobs 
For well-being and true childhood, a stable environment is one in which the children can forget all their worries. In addition to healthy food, love and security but also include ... 
... two dadas who look after them like mothers, 
... a social worker who helps them with words and deeds 
... and a night watchman who protects everyone from burglars at night. 
We want to pay these wonderful people a decent wage and offer them a perspective. To do this and counter the widespread Tanzanian unemployment, we exclaim: WE NEED YOU!

Holistic love = health insurance 
What else belongs to a loving home? For us, in any case, the health care. Since there are no stable health systems in Tanzania, self-initiative is needed. Building this together with you and making sustainable development work is very important to us. Are you helping us with the coverage of health insurances? WE NEED YOU!

Great future opportunities = apprenticeship
But another aspect of life is also increasingly coming to the fore: Happy and healthy children are maturing into young adults. Therefore, it is not surprising that our first offspring are about to graduate and want to start an apprenticeship. For this to happen and for the children to be able to advance their home country of Tanzania with a great deal of innovation and know-how, we depend on your support: WE NEED YOU! 

Whether a cent or a hundred euros - every donation helps! 
 ... so that we can continue to be a family. 
 ... so that we are also protected in case of illness / accidents. 
 ... to give us a promising future. 

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