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Funded Help the Junior Ranger in Botswana to protect the environment

Maun, Botswana

With the projects and educational measures, the foundation aims to improve the educational standard in the region in the long term and establish new professions in the field of environmental protection and education and strengthen local partners.

T. Gräfin Knyphausen from Knyphausen Stiftung
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The non-profit Knyphausen Foundation, based in Germany, is involved in educational work for children and young people on the topics of nature conservation and sustainability in Botswana.

Together with the partner organisation Future Explorer Youth Society (FEYS), the foundation established a Junior Ranger program for children and young people in Maun at the beginning of 2017 and is now active at 9 schools with over 120 members. 

The trainers of the partner organisation regularly interact with the Junior Ranger at the schools and in nature and cover many environmental protection topics in their educational units. 

Very recently, we are happy to announce that we have received funding for a wonderful project that will take place this year!
The project "Sustainable Nutrition for Children, Youth and Young Adults" started at the beginning of April and is financially supported by the Lower Saxony Bingo Environmental Foundation. 

The idea of planting vegetable gardens and integrating the topic of "sustainable nutrition" into the Junior Rangers' training plan arose out of the supply shortage that the Corona pandemic brought to our young trainers. They planted a vegetable garden on the club grounds, which is now being further developed and will serve as a project garden for the young environmentalists. 

In addition, gardens with vegetable beds and fruit trees are being created both at the partner organisation's trainers' homes to provide them with a long-term supply, and at five schools participating in the Junior Ranger program. 

In the future, we would like to expand the project and establish school gardens at all schools participating in the Junior Ranger Program, so that as many children as possible learn to grow vegetables for their own supply. This is very important in Botswana because hunger and malnutrition is widespread. 

We would be happy if you would support us in the projects described above. A large part will be covered by the foundation mentioned above, but a personal contribution will remain to finance the project. Items such as food for the Junior Ranger during the training sessions as well as special workshops for the further training of the trainers are largely covered by us. In order to cover these expenses, we continue to rely on the support of our sponsors. 

We would like to ask you for your donation in order to support the young environmentalists in Africa and to be able to implement our projects and educational units!

You can follow the further development of the projects on our homepage.