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Together against food waste!

Berlin, Germany

We want food to be more valued again! How to do that? Of course: with education! With our educational projects and cooking courses we want to show children and adults how delicious even fruit and vegetables with blemishes can taste!

J. Kaufmann from RESTLOS GLÜCKLICH e.V. | 
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About this project

Together against food waste!

In Germany alone, around 18 million tons of food are thrown away every year. This is way too much for us! Food is not only a vital commodity, but its production also consumes a large part of our valuable resources and causes harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change - fired by our huge wasted mountains of food - is also in vain!

To change this, we and our association RESTLOS GLÜCKLICH e.V. are committed to making food more valuable again. With our projects we want to encourage people to consume more consciously and to make better use of food. To this end, we offer cooking courses and educational workshops for children, young people and adults in order to make them more aware of food and to raise their awareness of climate protection. We want to show that each individual can make a contribution. Because only together can we achieve a rethinking and put an end to the "throwing away".

It is important to us to inspire even the little ones. In our school lunch projects, children learn in a playful way how valuable our food is and what the elaborate production of food means for people and the environment. The focus is on teaching the children how each individual can become active in order to throw less away and use more. When cooking together with excess food, even the very young learn the value of food and how delicious fruit and vegetables with flaws can taste.

Besides the educational work, our gastronomic offer is an important part of RESTLOS GLÜCKLICH. With the income we do not only finance our association work, but would also like to encourage people in a culinary way to rethink their own consumption and eating behaviour. In addition, we organize dinner evenings and caterings, which we conjure up from surplus food. We save them from organic supermarkets. Unfortunately, we can currently still offer too few events with our volunteer team. The large number of workshop enquiries from schools and similar institutions that have no funds available cannot always be used because we lack the capacities and financial resources.

Since our educational workshops for children and young people are the heart of our association, and we would like to continue to offer them free of charge, we look forward to any small support from you!

We are RESTLOS GLÜCKLICH (totally happy ;))- and you?
Updated at 18. March 2020