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Africa Run - Support the Northmead Secondary School in Pheonix/SouthAfrica

Phoenix , South Africa

We want to help the Northmead School carry out the urgently needed infrastructure improvements and provide students, with additional education and better future prospects.

U. Bothur from Umckaloabo Stiftung
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We want to help the secondary school in Phoenix to improve learning conditions, so that children from the townships of the area get better learing opportunities. The proceeds of our campaign goes to the school to 200%, because every incoming donation - up to a maximum amount of 50.000 € - is matched by the group Dr. med. Willmar Schwabe with an additional Euro. 
The Northmead Secondary School was founded in 1979 under the terms of apartheid in the Government-designated Indian Township. With the beginning of Mandela's presidency in 1994, almost everything changed. More and more blacks moved to the surrounding townships of Inanda and KwaMashu. Meanwhile, about 50% of the more than 1,000 students are from these areas. Since they are often from disadvantaged families they can not pay the school fees. The school receives very little government subsidies. Over the years, a rehabilitation backlog has occurred. In addition to the necessary renovations urgently new toilets (so far there are only 10 toilets for boys and girls) need to be built. In addition, books, materials for science and sports equipment are missing. Actually, additional teachers would have to be hired to give tutoring to weaker students. 
South Africa is an emerging country in which a wide gap in the population goes. Even 25 years after the end of apartheid, a large part of the population still lives in poverty and without access to running water or electricity. The informal unemployment rate is around 50%. Many blacks have to make do with the minimum wage as workers in agriculture, in factories or as domestic help. 
Throughout South Africa, there are difficulties in achieving matric. Approximately 75% of high school graduates pass their final examinations - but before that, about 40% of a year passed away from the school system for a variety of reasons. At Northmead School, 82% of the graduating class passed their exams last year. 
The team: 
Rani Schmidt, a former teacher, has never lost touch with her old school. Five years ago, together with some of her former colleagues, she founded the Association of former students and teachers to improve the situation at the school. Since then she tries to raise money for the school through various ways. This will then be used to fund a wide variety of projects and to award scholarships to gifted but poor students. But the the funds are insufficient for the big challenges ahead. With the Africa Run we want to promote the initiative of dedicated teachers and students. On the occasion of the 100th birthday of Nelson Mandela, we want to implement this project together. 
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